Bathroom Renovations

A beautifully designed and functional Perth bathroom is what every home needs.
It gives you pleasure every day as you step in to a designer-style bathroom, so for Funkis Renovations, a high quality bathroom adds appeal and value to your home.

What makes a bathroom functional?
Good planning is the key. It takes expertise and imagination to see all the possibilities and discern the right solution for you and your home.

Crowding too many items into the space can make it feel pokey and congested. Sometimes a vanity, shower or bath needs to be rearranged to create a pleasing space. It takes years of renovating Perth bathrooms to see all the possibilities.
There may not be enough space for a double vanity without cramping the room, but there are often alternative suggestions that work as well or better. A fresh approach from someone with an experienced eye is needed to see what will deliver the best result when the project is completed.

Creating a stylish and beautiful bathroom
A good understanding of designer styles is an essential item in our design and renovation toolbox. We like to know what style you want for your home, what colours, themes and styling are in your mind & what will turn a functional bathroom into a dream bathroom. We are always happy to hear about your ideas and build them in when we renovate your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Tips and pitfalls
It takes years of bathroom renovating experience to be able to picture the inner workings behind the build, right from the planning stage. At Funkis Renovations we ask ourselves, where might problems occur during the rebuild? What challenges might be waiting for the plumber and electrician? What are the limitations on the size and shape of fittings?

Can you save with DIY?
For Perth bathroom renovations, surprisingly the answer is usually not. It takes time and knowledge to plan, measure, organise, source materials, and coordinate all aspects of the build. Without knowing how to find solutions to the problems and challenges that inevitably occur, there are bound to be frustrations and delays.

Without a solid knowledge of the latest techniques and tools, the tasks can be more difficult than you anticipate. Errors can be expensive, especially when you need to go back a step or two. In the process, many find the costs stretch well beyond the original budget. 

Want your bathroom renovation on budget and on time?
The advantage of calling in Perth’s Funkis Renovations is that you get delivery of the finished bathroom on budget and on time, with expert advice all the way. You simply oversee the development of your new bathroom as it progresses and watch it all come together until the agreed handover date. Working with Funkis Renovations is smooth sailing.

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Thank you Greg for providing a detailed and accurate quotation for our renovations. The Kitchen, Laundry, Ensuite, Bathroom and both of the toilets where completed to an excellent standard, on time and within budget. All the work carried out was handled with a quick and accurate efficiency therefore we have much pleasure and confidence in presenting this reference.

Paul & Catherine K.

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